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By dave c
HI all,
Does anyone know of a reliable, free, football streaming site In the UK?
I tried mobdro but sometimes picture quality is poor and last time bt sport was just repeating about two minutes of play time after time ( talk about groundhog day ! )
By harrodene
Hi Dave c,

I have iptv here and for some reason everybody I know had bad internet for streaming football on Tuesday night especially bt sports.

On my tablet I usually use livenet TV but you must get the right one as loads of livenet TV.
By dave c
Hi again,
watched Livi and Hearts game on livenet bt last night and it was good picture, no freezes - and the 5-0 humping for hearts made it even better!!
Thanks again folks!
By TVTechnology
I think you will struggle getting any FREE stable football streaming. It may work, but it won't work always.

The nature of the free streams is they are unmonitored, as is the amount of people streaming from the server being used. With the free streams, depending on the popularity of the game more will use. For example, if you have a capacity of 1,000 streams on the server and 10,000 people trying to watch - you know the outcome. Problems, won't matter how fast the internet is. By nature of these type of streams, technically there CANNOT be a free stable solution - you would need a few options and then hop between them when needed - which is something I often needed doing when using Kodi apps.

A hosted solution (or the better ones), will keep a pre-defined maximum amount of people on a server, as to not affect performance. Hosting costs, someone has to pay - so a paid service which limits the amount of users to a specific server, is logically the only way you will up the level of stability. Logic also dictates the cheaper a service is, the more shared it is & the more likely it is to be unstable - so it really is likely to be the case of the cheaper you get, the more likely the performance will be worse.

In the real world, you can do cheap, but there is a point where you simply can't have the best for nothing.

Personally, after mucking about with Kodi for over 4 years, i'm more than happy to see the back of it - apps and streams going on and off. Of course, there's a satisfaction in not handing Sky over a fortune, but is such crap & always technical issues - it really is bottom rung - compared to many other services. People seem to think they are getting something 'new' by using a hacked Amazon firestick - which works perfectly well as an Amazon product, but when hacked is nothing by a mid-spec android stick with a small wifi antenna, stuffed with unofficial software.

Half of it depends on your patience - call me old fashioned, I haven't the time or the patience anymore - just want to turn to the TV on and watch it! But then 10 years of customer support and 4+ years on XBMC/Kodi, tests your patience :wink:
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