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By Bill Posters
Hi, on starting my laptop I see the following message:

Windows has detected an IP address conflict of interest. Another computer on this address has the same IP address….. for further details.

My wife has her own laptop in the next room, could this be it. Or, is it something I should get fixed? Thanks, Bill
Normally only happens on Local Area Networks (LAN) where more than one item (laptop or tablet or whatever) has been allocated the same IP address. If you turn off your router and then switch on again it may reallocate the device a different ip address and solve the problem.

If not, go in the Type here to search box and type in command prompt
You'll then get a box come up with the user name and it waits for a command.
Type in
Then enter
This should then allocate the device you are on a different ip address and overcome the problem.

Sorry, I clicked the submit button too early.

Wait a bit and you will get another prompt. Type in
then enter
That should solve it.
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