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Is it possible to use either of the above without internet/WiFi?
I can hotspot from my phone but don't know if it's possible.
I read that Chromecast can be used without WiFi and managed to get it going once but not last time I was over
My brother loaned me his Chromecast to try in Spain, I used my phones hotspot but I spent hours fiddling about with it and like you I did get it to work occasionally, very unreliable and not worth the effort in the end in my opinion.
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It's a shame if it is possible as I often have stuff downloaded on my phone which would be better to watch on a TV.
Not a big issue as I usually watch Spanish just would like to view what's on my phone occasionally
By freddo
If you have a Samsung Smartphone and a modern Samsung TV then you can just go to settings and check that they both show on Network then you can play whatever is on your phone on the TV screen
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