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By sealord
If you are in a right hand drive car on your own, from getting out of car putting ticket in barrier and getting back in car at the airport. ?
By Info
I dont know the time limit but if you pull the bonnet of the car right up under the barrier then once the barrier lifts it won't go down again until you drive out.

By Info
I keep thinking of Mr Bean and the sketch where he was trying to get out of the car park without paying using various mad means as ever😀 Bee
By sealord
what i mean is from putting ticket in machine at barrier, do i have time to get back in right hand drive car before barrier comes down again, maybe a hard question.
By Info
Yes I understood your question sealord which is why I made the suggestion. The barrier will not drop once it senses a car/object underneath it.

By sealord
Guess i was lucky dropped wife off at airport barriers up at both ends so no problems. parking area mega busy though.

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