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By Union man
So been reading the news on twitter and it’s not looking good the weather in the next few days have we go any images of just what it’s like that’s if it bad as they say please
By Info
Yes a suburb of Madrid took a fair beating Sunday with rain and hail. Place left in a sea of mud. We had heavy rain with thunder and lightning and wind which started at 11.00pm last night in Torrevieja. Again more heavy rain at 4.00/5.00pm today. Floods like rivers up around Avd Valenciana and Casa Grande Industrial Estate. More lightning still flashing but can't hear any thunder. Everything washed nice and clean including the air😊

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By Andy F
My daughter's just got home from the house in Torre, moaning about the weather. I just said it can't have been as bad as it was at Easter....... can it?
By Info
Once you have those very high temperatures and very warm seas you are always going to get a thunderstorm to clear the air. Sun and cloud today but gorgeous.

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