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By tonygold
Driving thru France on our way to Villamartin and air con has packed up!!

BMW 2015 3 series 320d. Any recommendations for someone to come out and have a look. We arrive tomorrow night (Friday 30th) and can't face 5 weeks with no air con!!

Many thanks.
By jimny1
I can't help you with the air con but it is getting cooler now and you could survive with the car windows open
If not there is a thread on here about air con repairers
hope that helps
By Info
What a bummer Tony. Jimny1 I wouldn't like to venture out in 28 to 30 degs without aircon. Feu Vert in carpark at Carrefour in Torrevieja was recommended here before but I am sure freddo or some other resident will have a couple more recommendations. Would you be covered on your breakdown insurance so that you might be able to call them out?

By jimny1
Hi Info
Hes here for 4 to 5 weeks so the whole of september beginning of october , usually it is a lot cooler towards the middle and end, i dont use my aircon then
But ideally he can get it fixed hence my note to see the air con thread
By Aviator
Most new cars sold in the EU now require R1234yf refrigerant and there tends to be fewer car repair businesses capable of recharging the AC systems on vehicles which use this gas. Also, the refrigerant is generally around 3 times more expensive than the older R134a refrigerant. You should check your car's handbook to see which refrigerant your car's AC system needs.
By tonygold
many thanks for your replies.
after posting 2 days ago we then stopped overnight in Bayonne before completing our journey to villamartin last night. got back in the car yesterday morning and the aircon started coming thru cold again.
it worked all the way down thru spain so i don't know what that 'blip' was but i am really grateful it came back on as temperatures hit 33 driving thru valencia. even when it wasn't working in france at 23 degrees it was quite uncomfortable in the car and windows open on a motorway is not great!!

thanks again and fingers crossed it holds out for me!
By Info
Good to hear you made it down safe and sound. The car can get very warm and makes you feel drowsy when on a long journey without the aircon. Motorway noise with the windows down must have been very disagreeable. I would have been inclined to call the breakdown insurers and have them look at it for free. You must give us an update on the drive down and your overnight stops when you get a chance to draw your breath and enjoy the nice weather.

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