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By bladesboy1
I have been getting quotes as we are thinking of moving over. Any one on here know an affordable Insurance. I lived and worked In Mallorca for 18 years so I am in the system. Some of the quotes are silly prices. !00s of Euros a month. :?
By Manc-Mark
When we first moved over we used Sanitas for our private medical insurance, we paid 97euros each per month and that included dental cover


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By bladesboy1
Spoke to some British lads that lived in Torrevieja and they said they paid private to see the Doctor and had no Insurance. I don't know how as I have read you have to have an Insurance. :(
By Info
It probably depended on their "status" or "lack of status" . If you intend getting Residencia then it is one of the regulations you must satisfy if you are not of pensionable age. I presume if you were moving to work in Spain it would be different as it would be seen as a continuation of your social insurance contributions from the UK. I may be wrong but there are lots of people on the forum who have been through the residencia process as worker or retired who will correct me.
Have a read through this link. It has comparison links for Seguros de Salud on and ... ce-439814/

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