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By jimny1
Has anyone managed to buy new zealand dollars in spain before travelling there ?
I know you can exchange some euros at the airport in new zealand at an exorbitant rate or use a currency atm, but just need some for taxis before getting to a currency exchange and would rather have it on me when arriving there
By Aviator
I spent January this year in NZ and used the the debit card that comes with a Transferwise borderless account for most items of expenditure. In NZ you can pay for most things by contactless card or "Wave" as the New Zealanders call it. The country seems to have moved faster towards a cashless society than the UK or Spain.

I transferred sterling from my NatWest account to my Transferwise sterling account (no charge) as required to cover anticipated expenditure. When I used my Transferwise card in NZ the currency exchange was automatic at close to the commercial rate. Using the Transferwise app on my mobile I was able to see instantly how much I had been billed in sterling.

I can recommend the Transferwise borderless account for use when travelling to foreign countries. Using my NatWest debit card in NZ would have been much more expensive.

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