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By zurgno
Was walking under the pier in torrevieja today there is some fishing completions thing on so they have tape up so other fishermen can’t use, but some man got caught in one of there rods that was facing the wrong way and a hook got caught in his arm

When I was walking back they were completely blocking people from walking up, so people had to lift up the tape to get under on the way back,

I know there’s notice up about this but can they stop u from walking up ?
By Info
Yes its a rod fishing competion. Its the Comm Valenciana leg whereby the first 5 placed today go forward to the whole of Spanish competition which will also be held in Torrevieja Port on 20/22nd Sept. Today was also a big day in La Mata. Its the Annual Spanish Forces Day (FAS)with lots of activities. Unfortunately the concert tonight is cancelled due to the death of one of the members.

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