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By zurgno
There is a dribble of water flowing down the inside of toilet into the 💧

Is this normal, I lowered the amount of water flow thinking this might stop but not really, it’s very little, just thought I might have to get a plumber

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By Wendy
You need a new part in the cistern this happens a lot, it will cost you in water too, if your a bit handy you can do it yourself tell the ferreteria he will know wheat you want.
By zurgno
Just fixed it folks I was using these blue tablets u put in cistern it says on box the package there in dissolve , well when I took it out again a bit of plastic wrap was inside the mechanism problem solved so if u do take them out check them thoroughly not always the rubber,

I read somewhere that the toilet cleaner freshener u put on side of toilet 🚽 were coming off and blocking the pipes Reason I changed product :roll:
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By Wendy
Well done the blue stuff in the cistern rots the rubbers quicker, best not use them I use the little ones that stick on the side now no problem they never fall off just get smaller with each flush
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