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I have seen masses of photos of dreadful flooding including inside the airport. What about all the cars people have parked on fields close to the airport? Will they have been moved or left to lie in feet of water? Do you think the car parking companies would have been permitted to park them in the large multi storey until the flooding subsided? I would be very worried if I thought my car was sitting in a river of water waiting for the water to ebb away so that it could dry out and be covered in rust. Who should be responsible for checking the underneath of these vehicles? It’s a ghastly thought.
Our friends had their brand new car parked at seguro airport parking ln San Javier when they had floods back in 2018.
We went to see the damage as they where in the u.k at the time and it was their insurance/ government consortium who had the car trailered to the ford garage where they bought it from to be fixed and a full valet. They where lucky that it was only the electrics and the carpets that got damaged some cars had mud up to the seats when the waters receded.
I haven't seen any photos of Alicante car parking being effected the photos that I have seen where from Benferri and Orihuela and where brand new cars belonging to dealerships that have been ruined when the river burst its banks with the Gita fria.
The only bit I can find about any water at the airport is a report of run off water in the cargo area near the control tower. Flights were diverted and suspended on Thursday night due to thunder and lightening.

Someone forwarded several photos of different areas and one is supposed to be Alicante airport but I cannot be certain if it is. There is also a picture of the flooded golf course at La Marquesse and a bridge in Algofar washed away . I also saw a photograph of a lady's bathroom submerged on another forum .
Seeing all this terrible destruction made me wonder about the cars parked close to the airport in fields and uncovered. When so many of us go home to live in different countries and leave our holiday homes and cars behind always believing that they will be in the same condition that we left them in., it is only natural to be concerned.
I hope that everything sorts itself out sooner rather than later.
Many thanks to all of you for your answers,
It is amazing how people send messages supposedly from friends with all sorts of fictitious information . I am aware that many areas were badly flooded but now I am aware that not everywhere was as bad. Thank goodness.
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