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By davieb199
Good afternoon folks,

I got a legal rep to fill in last years form return but was wondering how difficult or not it is to do for yourself and save of paying someone else over a hundred euros for the privilege. I'd imagine some folk on here would have completed their own; I'm just looking for some advice. Incidentally I do not rent my property out and still reside in UK most of the year.

Thanks in advance for any advice provided.
By Info
Yes do it yourself. Once you do it once it is the same every year. As regards the Modelo 210 I find the Andalucia Forum is tops for help with filling in this and answering question. ... 42&t=27897 If you have any questions just ask and someone on here is bound to know.

Do you know if the person who filled out the form for you last year is registered as your representative with the AEAT (tax offie) office. It will say it on your 210 form from last year under the Identificación del representante on the form. If they have you just fill in the Modelo 030 to register yourself.

Dave c has just completed his own. ... 2&t=137543


By Info
Ask her to send you a copy of the 210. I am great at telling everyone else what to do but we have ours done by a fiscal rep for the last 20yrs. They send a copy of the completed forms to us every year. The D/D on our bank statement for the tax gives the fiscal reps name and the income tax amount. This is separate from the fee for completing the forms.

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