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Is there a rememberers service being held around Torrevieja this Sunday .
Thank you.
By Yellowbird
Sunday Church Service at Mil Palmeras (Orihuela Costa)
To be seated by 10.30
Monday Torrevieja La Siesta church commencing 10.30
By Info
I like the term rememberers because it is very important that we as the rememberers of those gone before us remember them and pass it down along the generations. My grandchildren have a fascination with my uncle who was killed in Monchy le Preux in France in 1917 serving with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, when he was just 23yrs old. So his memory lives on down the generations. So yes we are rememberers.

By Jimbo1916
We are all `rememberers ` .

I lost two uncles in WW2 and my father was severely wounded and was crippled for the rest of his life and he passed away on 1980.

I will be remembering them on 'Remembrance' Day.
By Beardyboy
I, like all of you feel a great sadness on Remembrance/Rememberers Sunday. I have been listening to many stories on the radio this morning of so many young men who lost their lives in World War 1. My father served in the 2nd World War but always played his part in it down and didn’t tell us very much about his experiences. One of our friends Robin was called after his uncle Robin who had been a prisoner of war in the 2nd World War, he had been liberated but on their way home by ship, they were tragically blown up and never saw home again. I always think about him and his comrades and all of the other dear boys who died so long ago.
It is a poignant day to say the least .
Some years ago, we were staying with our two daughters in London and all of us made our way to Whitehall to take part in the Armistice Day service. It was a very special occasion and one that everyone should try to attend if you can.
Such bravery and sadness. As a mother, I cannot imagine how all those mothers and fathers bore the fear and pain during those terrible days of war.

Again we are all in limbo. :roll:

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