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The amount of sirens at just gone 8 am this morning in the Playa Flamenca area this morning suggested that something major had happened. Fire brigades from Torrevieja, Orihuela and Almoradi attended. Glad to hear that just 2 people suffered minor injuries.

No doubt the investigation will be now in to why they collapsed.
I thought it was from the Google map I saw. From the map it looked very close to the new school.

I know you can't believe social media but it appears that the inspectors are questioning the construction or whether any additional work was carried out to the properties after they were built or even a sink hole. Judging by the pictures of the properties concerned it looks like they were built quite a while ago so have stood for a number of years.

Be interesting whether the work on the new school has in anyway disturbed the surrounding land.
Any more news re the accurate location of this incident ?
Jimny says La Florida, Sueh21 says near the Citrus centre ?
Whilst they are close to each other, they are not the same place.
I have a holiday home in La Florida and don't recall any buildings of this type there.
I am in Spain at the moment, whilst having a drink at the Citrus Centre I noticed that the collapsed buildings had finally been pulled down and the area flattened, I am sure that they were still standing in June ?
Was there ever any architectural report as to what happened here ? Wondering if the insurance companies compensated the owners ?
I find it strange that everything just went quiet or maybe I just missed any info out there ?
The demolition was reported in most of the English language newspapers during the week of the works. According to the media coverage, no cause has been discovered or admitted; that is not to say that those investigating the original collapse are unaware of what may have been instrumental in the incident.

From memory, half of the cost to complete the demolition was made by the administrators for the community, whilst the remaining money was found from elsewhere. I do not believe that any insurers are, currently, compensating any of the householders for their losses.
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