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By evy
Hi Freddo, im booked in for flu jab at cabo roig doctors on Tuesday if this helps
By Ketron
I'm very reluctant to have them anymore.
I had one 2 years ago - and it wiped me out completely.

I spent 3 days in bed , with What felt and appeared to be ....the Flu .
By freddo
sometimes it can give you the symptoms of flu did me once but I had a full blown flu once and do not want it again so never miss the jabs 0
By royazul
According to Torrevieja Hospital "Yo Salud " started 22 October and will continue until end of January 2019
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By Wendy
Flu Jab wont give you flu its a dead vaccine so impossible, if you had flu you were brewing it anyway and may have had it a lot worse without it, also many complications from flu are really dangerous, get jabbed :D
By freddo
I had my Flu jab yesterday afternoon and this morning I am allready feeling the effects,sore throat and a neckache but this happens to me every year when I have it ,but it is worth going through a little discomfit to avoid the full blown Flu which I had many years ago and it nearly killed me .
By freddo
Not true I have a reaction every time I have the Jab and I know of quite a few people that do as well .
By Paulwps
My other half is convinced it was bought out to cull the older population.
IF you have had flue before, (which many people think they have) surely you would have built up your own immunity ?
By freddo
It seems that the Flu changes in form every year as they keep researching it and I personally will suffer a couple of days of aches and sniffles so that I do not get the real flu
By chrisz
Had my jab yesterday - was told there are no side effects. Didn't even feel the needle as it went in - more like a pin prick.
By Ketron
My experience was so bad , it's put me off for life .
Thankfully, I haven't had flu for many years .
Perhaps Brandy is as effective at keeping it at bay . :D

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