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By Kinchy
Some of you may recall that I asked the opinions of posters as to this company of Administrators.
Now after seeing how this company "performs" as Administrators, my opinion can be summed up in two words..

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By GoHost4U
That's interesting. I provide and manage a lot of communities with community websites. OCSI is one of the administrators for a couple of these communities and the president's have nothing but praise for them. I would add that when I have to contact them they are also very efficient.

Would you quantify why you are saying this.
By Kinchy
Your reply is interesting. I and other owners have found them to be poor in many areas for which they are supposed to be the " professionals".
I will not list the many documented details as that would expose where the Community I belong to is located and perhaps open the door to potential libel claims.

If other posters care to ignore my wording, then that is of course entirely up to them.
I have no personal nor financial incentive to make my comments, and they are based purely upon their poor service and distinct lack of care. This is especially relevant when bearing in mind that they are being paid for this so called service
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By GoHost4U
I do see a lot of this between presidents and administrators and I see the opposite for the same administrator so it might be a personality clash.

I have no elegance to an administrator as I work for the community so my comments are from my dealings with presidents.
By Kinchy
Your points are accepted and quite pertinent. Some Presidents may feel that the "job" is being well done because of the fact that they may not have the wish nor desire to greatly involve themselves, but leave everything to the Administrator.
This of course in my opinion is a dereliction by the president of their duties as it is the Presidents duty to instruct the Administrator not the reverse.
Of course one has to be perfectly aware that Administrators are more than aware of The Horizontal Law and it is their duty to advise the President if they might feel an impending decision is in their opinion wrong. However the final decision is with the elected President, who if the decision is wrong must answer to the owners.
The current President we have is to be frank as much use as an ash tray on a motor bike and does nothing in the interest of the Community, but when questioned simply reverts with the same inane reply of " It is with the Administrator"
This would not be too bad if this administrator were as professional as they make out to be which in my opinion OCSI most certainly are definitely not.
By Kinchy
AH! Well Gary, that is the 64,000 dollar question. Each and every owner in a Community have their views favourable or otherwise regarding their Administrator.

So in response to what I consider a very very broad question, my answer would be" who knows" but my and other owners experience of them shows me that OCSI would win ( in our opinion) Gold for being awful, and not worth a centimo.

By Kinchy
Oh well, a simple error. I thought I had seen the name gary on the email address but hey ho. Apologies for the small error. My thoughts on the company remain exactly the same.
By Jimbo1916
You need a very good President to start with and in my expereience he / she will take note and act on the shortcomings of a poor Administrator, because at the end of the day a good one will make his / her job that much easier.
By Kinchy
You need a very good President to start with
jimbo that is an excellent point, and frankly the so called president that we have is a total waste of space, who abdicates every single thing on to the very poor administrators. One might even say P.I.N.O :D
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