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By Union man
freddo wrote:
Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:37 am
The UK government have stated that they will still pay increases on UK pensions for the next 3 years to UK pensioners living in Spain ... =immediate

Please save me some I have a good few years to graft before I get mine. It’s 67 at present. Well the job I do sorry I wont be doing so the government. In the Uk can go run and explode. Not for me I be in spain living the dream. Hopefully.
This will depend on several things.
The main one is if there is a reciprocal agreement between countries (not the EU).
UK pays annual increases to those living abroad if that country pays annual increases to their citizens living in UK.
It's why, for example, UK citizens living in USA get an annual increase but those living in Canada don't.

If Spain continues to give its annual pension increases to Spanish pensioners living in UK then UK would be obliged to give annual pension increases to UK expats in Spain.
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