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By Union man
Yes we had to change a flight for 2 people in October this year. By one day.
So I duly went online to do this and yes it was to charge me £35.00. Which was acceptable no problem however when I tried to get this offer it would not allow me to do it online and told me to phone Up which I did they said yes we can do this for you no problem
For wait for it £95.00. Well to my amazement I duly said NO. It’s online for £35 so. Asked to speak to the manager. After being on hold she came back asked me if i had proof. So i screenshot the price and emailed them and they came back and accepted that i was correct and i paid the £35.00. Yes its a win. But what i have is with this how many old folk or pensioners don’t have this facility yes so i want to help where possible and offer advice. On this its a big principle of that some people would have paid this and not bat a light. Well i hope this helps other people
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