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By Mike E
Does the '40th day of May' (ie 9th June) still have any relevance in Spain to wear more relaxed clothing - especially Spanish (elderly) males?

Similar in England - especially North of Watford' - with: Don't cast a clout until May is out![/

Had a fasinating 'discussion' with my profesora on the subject - her version was:

]¡Hasta el 40 de mayo - no te quites el sallo![/ (jersey?)

another was:

¡En abril, lluvias mil!

Are there any other such 'sayings' ('refranes') in Spain?
By Mike E
jaime_teacher wrote:"A buen entendedor pocas palabras bastan" (a word to the wise is enough)
"matar dos pájaros de un tiro" (Literally: to kill two birds with one shot) (In English we would say "one stone")
"a caballo regalado no le mires el diente" (beggars can not be choosers) or 'never look a gift horse in the mouth'Don't be ungrateful when you receive a gift
"perro ladrador poco mordedor" (a barking dog seldom bites)
"a enemigo que huye puente de plata" (a fleeing enemy Silver Bridge"
"a grandes males grandes remedios" (to great evils great remedies)
"en abril aguas mil" (waters billion in April) mil = thousand ??

You can find lots of them, just google "refranes".
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