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By beastess
Does anyone know the best way to cook this veg? The Spanish eat cardo (cardoon, I think in English) at Christmas, so I am told but I have yet to see a recipe for how they cook it. I have occasionally been given a free bunch by the local market guy, so would love to know. It is very long thick stems and the flavour seems to be halfway between artichoke and celery.
By mariac
Chop it ,Boil it or steam it , We like it with chesse sauce
By Maria B
My mother-in-law also gives me loads, so that I cook them for her son :roll: Not my fave veg but can be included in most dishes, especially a plain dish of 'verduras' with eg cauliflower and carrots. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar at the table.
By beastess
I had steamed it or put it in soups. Nothing to write home about in my opinion but tastes as if it might be good for the liver. Maybe cheese sauce or oil or vinegar will liven it up. Thanks for the tips. I never refuse free gifts from my favourite market stall. I have had all the last year´s lemons free and I often get the bunches of wild garlic also. Now, those I much prefer to cardo!
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