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By judy
:lol: We are relocating to our appartment in the town permenantly on the 10th January. We need to take an intensive course in Spanish, but have no car. Most of the Newcomers clubs and language teachers posted on this site seem to be too far away.
We saw an article in one of the free Newspapers about a course hoping to take place in the new year teaching language and culture, does anyone have any more info please. There are laguage schools advertising in Torrevieja town, has anyone tried them, or can recommend any? We can be available Daytime or Evenings.
Any help would be very welcome
Judy & John
By AndyH
Try the Istituto Koenigin don Delphin in Torrevieja. If you stand with the fountain at your back, go towards the right and up the next street, crossover the road and it's about 20 yards on your left. They are excellent and good value. Month long courses are about 500 euros, but this works out at less than 5 euros an hour. All the teachers are qualified and are taught to teach foreigners. Beginners classes are usually in small groups of 5-10 people and they don't make you feel bad if you're having more difficulties than the rest of the class.

Buena Suerte.
By judy
Thanks for the information Andy. Have you been there yourself ?
By Steve
Great news ...I hear Jane Cronin has now got a contract to offer Spanish Classeson behalf of the Torrevieja own Council. It took long enough and between us we kicked down enough doors but she got there in the end. Enhorabuena.

Email and I am sure she will update you.


By judy
Thanks for the information Steve, I will drop Jane an Email
By Jane C
Hi Judy,

Have just replied to you! There will be a Survival Spanish course held at the Music Palace in Torrevieja on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 1 p.m. for 12 weeks, from 17th January to 6th April. The course includes a study book and covers the basics of everyday spoken Spanish as well as lots of tips and information about living in Spain.

There will be a press conference about this tomorrow (12th Jan) and after that there will be details available at the Torrevieja foreigners office and in the local English press.

The cost of the course will be only 20 euros for 24 hours.

Whilst this course will not be intensive, or in any way a substitute for small group, classroom learning, it will be a very good introduction to many people at a very low cost.

By mariac
brilliant idea Jane I will encourage my friends to join you
for 29E it would make a great christmas gift
By mariac
sorry pressed the wrong 20€ even better value
By Info
Una buena noticia Jane, espero que to llenes el sala hasta el techo


Great news Jane I hope you fill the hall to the rafters (I hope I have used my Subjunctive Mood correctly?)
By Jane C

Just got back from the press conference which was infinitely more nerve-wracking than I expect the actual classes to be!

Perfect subjunctive Bee (not the perfect subjunctive, just a perfect subjunctive :) ) - pero te sobra el "to"

Juana la nerviosa
By mariac
Enhorabuena Jane I heard that your classes are fully booked up I had some friends that wanted to do the course and could not get on.
Good luck
By Steve
Sometimes, just sometimes it's nice to sit and say smugly, "I told you so."

As Jane has remarked to me privately the actual teaching will be the easy part. Now, hopefully, with the door open she can go on and deliver many more courses at different levels and for different interest groups. Yes, Enhorabuena, Juana La Loca y Felices Fiestas a todos.
By Jane C
Thank you for you congratulations. Yes, the OARI personnel are looking a little stunned. The course booked up within a week - before some of the publicity even came out. They are not taking names for future courses because, as they said, what would they do with lists of hundreds of names? While I was in there yesterday for five minutes, someone wanting three places was turned away.

People are being told to be very prompt when the next course is advertised. There seems to be no question at the moment that it will be!! Happily I'm not involved with the administrative side. I'm looking forward to the classes though - something different, something new and something that meets people's needs. The booklets which I have now put together look absolutely terrific, though I say it myself. :) :)

By Info
It would be just lovely if my media naranja was about to take the Town Hall course as it might give him a kick start. Jane I am delighted the course is booked out which is even more satisfying because people were willing even despite having to pay a small subscription - Un prospero Año Nuevo.


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