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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By reddragon
abuchear - to boo
predicador - preacher
nubarron - stormcloud
campo de minas - minefield
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By gary71gary
Mike E wrote:
gary71gary wrote:Si = yes
No - sí = yes. si = if

Yes I know , but I dont have a Spanish keyboard.....good to see someone else in the advanced stages of theSpanish language... :lol:
By Menina
It is an excellent idea to improve vocabulary. We do not use that many words in any language, even our native tongue. It is a fact that a 6 year old child only masters some 1,500 words. By the time he or she would complete high school, that figure would reach some 5,000 words, which is fairly average for any adult. A university graduate would use some 8,000 words. It means that, if you learn some 10 new words every week, in one year you will improve your vocabulary by 520 words. Not bad at all and it would not take much effort to do that.
Now, it is not a matter of memorizing words alone. To learn how to use them, is also important and, in order to facilitate this, learning thoun with its corresponding article would be very useful. For example:
El dedal (thimble)
La baya (berry)
And then we could have a few simple sentences using those new words, such as:
Necesito un dedal para closer (I need a thimble to be able to sew)
Traigo una cesta llena de bayas (I bring a basket full of berries)
A little correction: the Spanish Parliament is called "Las Cortes", "la corte" is a tribunal or the King's court (when there was one) and "El corte" is the cut.
Keep on learning the language. It will make your life in Spain more pleasurable.
By reddragon
Menina - thank you for the correction & suggestions.
Sometimes I have put the article in and sometimes not (lazy!). -I got the feeling from the input that not many here are that interested. The thinking then was that those who are interested would look the words up anyway. The idea of the sentences is a good one though.
By Menina
If you don't mind, I will give you a hand with sentences and special meanings. You are doing a great job and it will always help some members. It will also take me back to my old teaching days....
By Info
Menina un lapsus del dedo (a slip of the finger - would you say it that way in Spanish?) - Necesito un dedal para closer -coser-(I need a thimble to be able to sew)

By Menina
Sorry, Bee, it has been "in desliz involuntario" mainly because I wrote "coser", correctly, but my tablet settings indicate "English" and the silly monster automatically corrects every word that is not in English and writes the closest word it can find.... I will have to use my other computer whenever I need to use Spanish.
So, to clarify my sentence, it should read:
Necesito un dedal para coser
By the way, most expressions and proverbs cannot be literally translated, although you can generally find a good equivalent in the target language.
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By gary71gary
I have lived in Spain nearly 2 years, and thanks to a very good home tutor twice a week, I speak relatively good Spanish for the time I have been here. I can speak present, all forms of past, future, command,subjuntivo etc etc. The most frustrating thing I find is not being able to use it as much as I would like to. My "Si = yes" was merely a joke,no offence intended, in fact, I am always interested in some new words, but the question is...Will I actually ever need them?? I have an extensive English vocabulary, but will I ever have a similar Spanish one? I think not, as I doubt I will ever need some of the lesser used words (like thimble), in any conversation. If I dont use a word very often, its likely I may forget it, and like I said before, I am a little starved of Spanish conversation, or when there is one, with the business I am in, its usually about the same subjects is there a limit to how far I can actually get in my knowledge of the Spanish language? Or , do I need to go and live somewhere more recluse where there are few or no British people?.. :wink:

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