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By Fran
Does anyone know what type of fish or dish the following is:

Lecha en sopa de puerros.

I know its leek soup but what is Lecha?

By rojodiablo
Soup of leeks and fish eggs I think
By Fran
Thanks. I think its got to be something like that, but even my spanish friends dont know what it is!
By Info
I get the feeling it is a largish kind of fish the size of a mullet or a trout or doré from the following description. It appears to be a native of the Almeria area. Bee

Lecha a la espalda.

Este pescado típico de la Bahía de Mazarrón es base para diferentes platos, pero es más popular es la lecha a la espalda, que se cocina al horno y se rocía posteriormente con un sofrito de ajos y pimentón.
By essexboywithwhitesocks
Lecha = Solea solea

By Fran
According to the spanish encyclopedia, lecha is fish semen!!!!
By rspltd
Sounds like roe?
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