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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By newcomer
I'm trying to find someone to teach me Spanish after work - 6pm/6.30pm for an hour/hour and a half, a couple of nights during the week.

Does anyone know anybody :?:

Area: Orihuela Costa

By rojodiablo
I reckon that a lot of formistas have varying Spanish speaking, reading, writing skills - I used to communicate online via messenger with a guy in South America and I found it good practice for my reading and writing - obviously I cannot get enough listening/talking practice (apart from wandering round the house mumbling Spanish) as I am only at lessons once a week - if anyone wants to practice their Spanish reading writing when online feel free to click on my msn link and if we are online at the same time..... podemos practicar
By newcomer
Thank you - but I don't think I am good enough yet - brain doesn't work as fast anymore - know words, but can't string a sentence togther yet (max four to five works only :? )
By Mrs Jester
Try Instituto Königin Don Delfin and speak to Gaby, she was goin to offer evening classes and they are at Torrevieja.

Dont have their number to hand and havent tried them personally, but somebody on here might have
By kevinj

There is a poster either on this or the .com site called Marina who provides one-to-one tution in the Villamartin area. Have a look in the Service forum on this and the .com site and you should be able to find.
By newcomer
Kevin J

Whose a clever boy then - found Marina on this site and have phoned her - start lessons on Tuesday eve

Muchas Gracias
Spanish lessons in Elche
Small group size
Teacher with experience. Has worked for the Town Hall
Time 17:30 -- 18:30
For information: 627.547.286

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