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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By Cinuelica
I need to write a letter to Telefonica in Madrid. It has to be in Spanish. Is alta babel fish translation any good to use - when I put in anything in Spanish to translate into English most of it sounds weird.
By Cinuelica
Yes, that's what I thought :lol:
By archie
As JC says,
Worth a try just to correct it,and you do have to correct it.
ps; have a luck at the at EL PERIODICO and then click on the GB flag, we can have giggle as well ,these things work both ways ,I read it every day it helps me with my Spanish .I click onto the Spanish flag.
By Jesus
I am quite happy to do it for you Cinuelica - JUST DONT expect me to put all the accents but that's perfectly acceptable

By Cinuelica
Thanks Jesus - but all has been taken care of!

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