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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By Cinuelica
I need to say to some perfectly lovely Spaniards that I don't speak/understand Spanish.

I can get by on a day-to-day basis (can't we all :oops: ), but for instance, I have a really great postlady who is always smiling - and singing - and natters away to me and waits for a reply - I've absolutely no idea what she's going on about and I feel that I'm being really rude (without intention) and just stand like a numpty saying si si and hoping for the best.

Please don't tell me to learn Spanish, I have been trying really hard for the last five years and it's not happening, possibly because of where I live, when I do try in shops (and restaurants) I'm always replied to in broken English - which doesn't help - also to be perfectly honest, being over 21 doesn't help either :lol: .

Anyway, there's my excuses, I'd like a nice way of saying that I don't understand but really wish I did.

Thanks, Cin
By rspltd
This should explain well enough and doesn't contain any tongue twisters!

Lo siento, pero yo no entiendo español. He intentado pero es demasiado difícil.
By Mike E
Sure JC has a solution - we get by on - similar

Lo siento - mi español is muy mal - hablas mas despacio por favor
By rspltd
That says that you do understand Spanish but it is too fast. I thought Cinuelica didn't speak or understand any Spanish??

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