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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By Mike E
If Kelloggs Rice Krispies go:

SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP in English - how do they sound in Spanish?
By rspltd
As in English there are a number of onomatopoeiac words but I suspect not for the same things.
I found these animal noises as an example:
abeja (bee): bzzz — buzz
búho (owl): uu uu — who, hoo, hoot
burro (donkey): iii-aah — heehaw
caballo (horse): jiiiiiii, iiiiou — neigh
cabra (goat): bee bee — b-a-a-a-a
cerdo (pig): oink-oink — oink
cuco (cuckoo): cúcu-cúcu — cuckoo
cuervo (crow): cruaaac-cruaaac — caw
gallina (hen): coc co co coc — cluck
gallo (rooster): kikirikí — cock-a-doodle-doo
gato (cat): miau — meow
león (lion): grrrr— roar, growl
oveja (sheep): bee — b-a-a-a-h
mono (monkey): i-i-i
paloma (dove): cu-curru-cu-cú — coo
pato (duck): cuac cuac — quack
pavo (turkey): gluglú — gobble
perro (dog): guau guau, guau — bark, bow-wow, arf, ruff
pollito (chick): pío pío — chirp
rana (frog): cruá cruá — ribbit, croak
tigre (tiger): ggggrrrr— roar, growl
vaca (cow): mu — moo

but I'm sure there are more.
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