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By Rhab2004
As many of you know I have bought a cave house in Andalucia, and we wish to give the house a name. Everything about the purchase of our cave has been particularly jammy. We have had so much good fortune with it. I do not suppose that there is a spanish word that means the same as Jammy is there?

Basically I am looking for the best translation for Casa 'jammy'. Any suggestions?
By beastess
Casa Suerte?
By Jane C
The nearest equivalent I know is "chorra" - as in "¡qué chorra!" which pretty well translates as "What a jammy so and so". Unfortunately, if you look it up in the dictionary it can have other meanings, so might not be the best name for a house.

Other possibilities could be:

Chupado - "chupao" a bit like "sinch" or maybe
chollo "a bargain/gift/steal"

I'm not sure I'd recommend any of them as house/cave names!

By Rhab2004
Ok Jane thanks what about Buen Aguero sorry I cannot do the accenty thing over the u my keyboard is English.

I believe that to be good omen ?
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