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By Janet2005
Is it possible to buy a property direct with the owner instead of going through estate agents.
We want to move to a detached property, probably Los Balcones or Los Altos. Price around €200.000. Been looking for a while but not many properties coming on market in that price range. What is best way of finding private sellers.
By freddo
Drive round the area and take a photo of all the sale boards on the property you fancy then ring up the owner or knock on the door
By Janet2005
I have been looking around the area, so will try knocking on doors!!! Not sure how I would find the phone numbers of the owners. I was thinking also, where do people advertise privately, not through agent or does this not happen in Spain.
By ann
My neighbour is selling his house through an agent at the moment and will not take enquiries from people knocking on his door, his reason being that people (thiefs) can call to your house and end up taking things as happened to people he knows. I bought my house directly from the seller, went around looking at houses and taking down phone numbers.
By damatt
The best way is to use Forums or websites like ours that allow anyone to list their property for sale for a small fee.

Try and find a community forum or Facebook page for the area you want to live in and ask the question on there.

Damatt Property
By Janet2005
Thanks everyone for input and ideas. I looked at the website you mentioned Wendy, it is still going. I think it is a little hit and miss with the websites for people selling their own property. It seems like most people prefer to use agents. Funny thing was - I saw a house on the site Wendy mentioned - it is in Los Balcones, and I had also seen it for sale with various agents. But was informed by an agent it had just sold. I now see it back for sale with agents, but can't find it on the site Wendy gave. Will keep looking.
By mcmuk
I bought mine privately. The seller was advertising the property on Gum Tree and Ebay.

He did have it on with an agent but the asking price was over my budget / search parameters so I never saw it on Rightmove.

Needless to say I got it considerably cheaper privately.

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