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By freddo
Identification of the landlord

Tenants who make tax declarations in Spain are now required to list their landlord`s name and tax number on their income tax declaration along with the Catastral reference of the property they rent. Although many owners rent out their flats and do not declare the income, this requirement to identify the landlord has already produced tens of thousands of new tax declarations in its first years.
By Mr Jones
Hello freddo

My daughter rents a place from a man in punta prima and being self employed she has been told she needs to produce these details. The landlord is giving her the flat well below the market rent and is reluctant to declare the additional income. I have suggested that my daughter either finds another place to live or comes to an agreement with the landlord over a rent increase. He is not working and is not a pensioner, so I imagine the annual rent of 3600 euro will be classed as his sole income, and would actually produce very little in tax. I presume the man will need to pay someone to present his accounts so am I right to presume an increase of 50 euros a month would cover the landlords expenses.


By Mr Jones
Hello freddo

Obviously it's his tax concern not my daughters, I just thought this was something you might know about. I presume the government will not make much out of him once the expenses are taken into account, and I just wanted to have some information to counter any unacceptable rent hikes he might suggest.

By freddo
If she is on a legal long term contract he can only increase rent by the government stated figure and legally she should be witholding the tax and paying it to the Town hall
By Mr Jones
Thanks Freddo,

She has no contract, and he is a good landlord, so she won't be doing anything to rock the boat. I'm not sure what tax you are suggesting she should withhold or how you would calculate the amount.
By Mr Jones
freddo wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:49 pm
no contract, no tax, no security good luck to her
She is in the same boat as a lot of people here, no contract in return for a lower rent, what is this tax you keep going on about, that's the landlords responsibility not my daughters.
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