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Hello !
This subject must be updates ,, we are in a season of traveling by car in a thousands .
We are planning to travel from Torrevieja to Germany for the first time in October .!
We are older very experienced dog owners but still worry . Issues - hotels/constructions /being lost. How can we
legally stop on autovia with a dog if she need pee. Is there any sides that you can eat,gas,walk the dog and perhaps sleep that are less then 5 stars hotels but more natural and wilde..
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you for reading my message !
Travelling through France with a dog is no problem at all, most hotels are dog friendly if you want to stop overnight, we always used logis-de-france hotels (see their web-site), they aren't usually the cheapest, but are small normally family run inns and small hotels and the dog can often stay with you in the restaurant while you eat if you would rather not leave it in the car. Plenty of stopping places on the motorway for places for the dog to have a little walk. Once in Spain a little more difficult, but the service station areas are big enough for your dog to stretch it's legs. Personally we like to travel on the motorways, and not really much chance of getting lost if you keep going South! Enjoy your trip with your dog, our dog passed away a few years ago now but we still drive from the UK several times a year.
Most of the Accor chain of motels accept pets, Ibis, Etap, Camponile in any country.
Once your are out of Spain you won't have a problem. France you can even take them into the outer sections of the Supermarkets, where all the little shops are. Handy for getting out of the heat while the OH go's shopping. Germany, Austria, Switzerland never had any problems.
You have no dispensation to stop on Autovia's other than normally in the services or Aires.
Make sure their passports are up to date 'just in case' though ours have never been checked.
France is more strict on the securing of the animal in the vehicle than Spain, but it is still law.
ie: seatbelt, cage, dog guard.

Enjoy your trip.

absolutely no problems travelling from La marina to Schwedt on the german polish border northeast of berlin,we have completed this return journey 4 times in the last 22 months,most hotels on the toll roads in spain are pet friendly,no problems in switzerland apart from the prices, and germany is no problem at all,we are both over 70 and disabled ,dont worry pity the dog cannot drive :D
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