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By Kinchy
I really do come to the opinion that Mrs N has no real answer to the postings against Comrade Corbyn, so has now resolved that there is no alternative other than supposed comedic postings.
The Communist - sorry Labour party is heading for total wipeout - thank goodness.
By Kinchy
Jeremy Corbyn has shared platforms with some arguably dubious people, .

Thanks for the link - nuff said
A sinister odious reptile- no less!
By Kinchy
So this piece of Communist controlled piece of crap has back tracked in a humiliating climb down YET AGAIN.
Keep this shit where he belongs - well away from Government.

Jeremy Corbyn humiliatingly backtracked on a demand for Theresa May to quit over the London Bridge atrocity today.
The Labour leader demanded the Prime Minister resign accusing her of leaving the country vulnerable during her tenure as Home Secretary.
But within hours he had changed his mind in the face of claims that he was engaging in 'ridiculous posturing' just three days ahead of the election. Asked in an interview this afternoon whether he thought Mrs May should resign immediately, he said: 'No.'
Mr Corbyn was also under intense pressure over his own record on terrorism, with the Tories pointing out that he previously boasted about voting against every counter-terrorism measure over the past 30 years.
He has previously branded UK drone strikes against terrorists 'obscene' and even suggested it was illegal to kill Jihadi John.  
Earlier, Mrs May defended her record in the wake of the London Bridge atrocity, insisting counter-terrorism budgets had gone up since 2015 and more armed police were being recruited.
Theresa May warned that Jeremy Corbyn would not 'step up' to keep Britain safe from terrorism today as she dismissed criticism over police cuts.

And she warned that Mr Corbyn's record showed he was unable to 'step up' to become the PM.  
Despite his long record of opposing counter-terrorism measures, Mr Corbyn has sought to turn the screw on the PM - saying police numbers have fallen by 20,000 since 2010, a total fallacy, but nothing less than is to be expected from a man that has never backed the security forces in their fights against terrorism over many many years..
By Kinchy
Sky news suggests Jc would back a call for mrs may to resign

Oh well if sky news says so then we must take it as correct but your key word here is suggests

I would too, we could do with them 20000 cops back on the job
Well it just shows even you are having a Miss Diane moment. She say 10,000 but now its 20,000 ! How much would 20,000 cost - err £600.000 mmm, no it would cost errr it would cost around £160 million or no errm it would errm it would cost errm £600million How are your mis speaking skills as well Mrs N - as good as MIss Spoke?

What difference would 20,000 UK police make to you on your way to a gig at La Florida or Villamartin Plaza- what banal garbage!

Don't you agree kinchy, or are the streets safer without them?

When were you last on UK streets, or do you mean the British enclaves on the Costa Blanca.

Superfluous, inane , irrelevant comments Mrs N.
But you can still sing the Red Flag at the end of every gig eh? That's after you have expressed your opinions on pensioners to your audience, calling them free loaders and a parasitic bunch for taking their "handouts".
Perhaps it might need someone to go along to your gigs and hand out leaflets with your thoughts and comments from this forum about pensioners on them, well it would spread your word and your thoughts about them - no? Well it is democracy. :lol:
By Kinchy
Look kinchy I'm sorry I hit a nerve with the handouts remark, dont worry about it, whether you are a pensioner or a bloke on the dole getting free money, I don't feel any bitterness towards you, people in both groups are the same to me it's no problem and you should feel no shame.

How laughable - feel shame - utterly ridiculous comments.

You can avoid the truth too on the cops, the tories cut numbers by 20 thousand and empty head promises to bring ten thousand back.

Empty head? are you saying The Shadow Home Secretary is an empty head? Now with even you saying that, only increases my fear for the security of the nation, with an empty head in charge of MI5 and all the police and security services. DANGEROUS

In the meantime you are still the party of cruel cuts and missed targets ill conceived policy and so I feel you have offered very little to justify your support, and even less to attract mine, im voting Jc on Thursday, end of story.

Well where are your policy changes and proposals for the nation? They seem to be distinctly lacking. All we have ever heard is Thatcher this, Thatcher that,,May, this May that, with no reasoned alternatives to bring the socialist utopia you dream of :oops:
By Kinchy
Abbott appears to have an empty head.
I'm not voting for her, I'm voting for the party.
Maybe Abbott has been reading this forum, and picking up dopeyness from you blues.
There is a lot of bragging about intellect from you guys, I'm hoping to see some evidence of it in your posts soon
Gobble gobble
Thanks giving is coming.

Ha ha ha what utter drivel but no more than one can come to expect from a blinded socialist( or should that be Communist ) supporter of Corbyn?

Already the communists are saying that one of THE most important roles in any government might be filled with an incompetent anti white racist fool, yet they continue on their great march in support of the N Korea loving, terrorist hugging piece of shite that hopes he can be a Prime Minister :lol: :lol:

Intellect is something Kevin Tyler you left at the door of Communism, and your repeated support of Corbyn , shows me and hopefully others that you are a Communist, disguised as a caring sharing person on the Costa Blanca entertainment circuit.

You will be able to justify your thoughts to pensioners and how they take their handouts as you call them when they are able to see just how much you loathe them and how much you support the extreme neo Communist rantings of Comrade Corbyn

You have continually expressed your loathing of pensioners and the " handouts" they receive, yet in other postings you want to be seen as the caring sharing Kevin of the left, advocating that poor old pensioners would be worse off under Mrs May.

So what is it Kevin Tyler, pensioners should give up their ten bob a week handouts or should they say thanks to HMG for recognising the hard work and paymnents they have made over decades?
By Jimbo1916
One more day more day. :D

" whether you are a pensioner or a bloke on the dole getting free money, people in both groups are the same to me "

That`s the sum of mrs nelson`s reasoning and intellect. That says it all.

He reminds me of how Corbyn and Abbot are left most of the time.....floundering. :lol: :lol:

You`ve more intellect in your big toenail than he`s got in the whole of his body. You`ve proved that time and time again. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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