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By Kinchy
The pernicious terrorist supporting leader (that's a joke) of the Communist ....sorry Labour Party is forced to lay bare his lies re the IRA

Jeremy Corbyn has finally admitted that he met convicted members of the IRA after denying the claims for days. The Labour leader last week denied ever meeting or supporting the terror group, which killed around 1,8000 people during its decades-long bombing and shooting campaign.
The claim was met with incredulity by Labour's critics who pointed out that he invited Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams for tea in Parliament and was arrested on a protest outside the trial of the Brighton Bomber. 
Jeremy Corbyn today admitted he has met with convicted members of the IRA
Challenged on ITV's Peston on Sunday over whether he had ties to the IRA, the Labour leader U-turned on his initial denial.

Abbott is a liar and an incompetent fool, and Corbyn is a liar and a supporter of terrorism

He supports Hamas ands Hesbollah, and by virtue of those facts reigns a party that is riddled with the cancer of anti Semitism.
Don't believe me ? Look at the footage of the female Jewish Labour MP leaving a meeting, distraught and in tears whilst attending/ discussing Chakrabati's anti Semitism report who was insulted by an insulting anti semite member of Momentum.
No conjecture on my part - just plain for all to see fact!!
God forbid these would ever be in charge of a nation - then you really would be in danger.
As children lie in hospital beds while nurses tend their shattered bodies, as grieving families weep for mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who didn’t come home from that ill-fated pop concert, as police officers, soldiers and security agents risk their lives to track down the dangerous jihadists before they can commit another outrage, Corbyn chooses this moment to make a disgusting speech in which he tries to blame Britain’s foreign policy for making us a target for Islamist madmen.
Four days after this massacre of the innocents he breaks the electioneering truce in the most grotesque manner by accusing the Conservatives of failing to protect Britain because they have made cuts to the emergency services. “Austerity has to stop at the A&E ward and at the police station door,” he says. “We cannot be protected and cared for on the cheap.” 
Pass the sickbag. The stench of Corbyn’s hectoring hypocrisy is making me feel ill. 
By Kinchy
Well, a week on and there has not been one comment against my posting - is that because the Communist .... sorry Labour supporter (singular) here have admitted that the content is correct? :roll:
Even more relevant after the appalling atrocities in London.
Come on Mrs N you support Corbyn so give us your words of wisdom to defend Corbyn!
By Kinchy
Spot on soapy. It obviously disagrees with the illusions of how great a man is Comrade Corbyn.

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