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By TVTechnology
Generally, I don't really give much of a fig about politics. Nor do I like or watch reality TV.

But this guy. It is reality TV in the Whitehouse - it is almost not real. Or to me anyway...

America land of the free - really? As long as you are a billionaire liar who does business with the Russians, between groping women and paying off 100+ lawsuits with a 'do not disclose agreement' - in English 100+ counts of buying silence.

He draft dodged 4 or 5 times with some fake 'heel bone spurs' excuse. He can't remember :lol: He bankrupted himself 7 times.

My personal favourite - he wrote (no he didn't ghost wrote) the 'Art of the deal' yet it has been pointed out on a number of occasions, if he took the money he was given by his father & put it in the FTSE top 10 and had done NOTHING - he would have had 3-4 times the money he has now.

Two shootings this week in schools in the USA - barely touched the headlines. Obama blocked 15 times by Republicans on various gun reduction or use measures. Trumps's in - gun crime up.

I saw a school where 24 children had been removed by homeland security without prior warning or knowledge, even a teacher they grabbed. 700-800,000 children who have grown up in the USA not criminals, students, workers and those that do contribute - he wants to deport. Lets not mention all the Mexicans he wants to deport - which were ok for him to knowingly employ to build many Trump projects, at below market rates and then not pay them - knowing they can't afford to sue a billionaire. Nice man.

14 million or more Americans will lose health benefits.

He puts the head of a pharmaceutical conglomeration in charge of a healthcare system which is in tatters already. No conflict of interest at all.

Definitely, a man to trust . :shock: Fake news - the only thing fake is the words he speaks and most likely his hair.

Snake Oil salesmen & fraudster. Just one fortunate to be blessed with a platinum spoon in his mouth. Good an conning the stupid and those who live off soundbites. Tell them what they want to hear......
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By Kinchy
I wont go into debate of your thoughts, only to say that whether we OUTSIDE the USA like or loathe him, the people of the USA voted him in. The old sad cry that Hilary got more votes does not matter as the Electoral College system in the USA led to his election. If the American citizens feel the same as you, they could always move to remove him?
God help America ..... If Hillary had become President ! :shock:
I'm not a fan of Clinton - but at the end of it all, she's about 10% as corrupt as Trump and if you look at what she has done to HELP people, it certainly more than Trump. She was not the right candidate either!
I wont go into debate of your thoughts, only to say that whether we OUTSIDE the USA like or loathe him, the people of the USA voted him in. The old sad cry that Hilary got more votes does not matter as the Electoral College system in the USA led to his election. If the American citizens feel the same as you, they could always move to remove him?
Well would appear they are trying on a daily basis! Very difficult to do, without major embarrassment to the USA.

His voters unfortunately suffer from the 'cyclic belief system'. This states, then when you are passionate about something (and Americans are about politics) and you invest emotional belief, to admit your wrong if difficult. Most filter out the news which is contrary to their belief system right up the 12th hour. To admit you voted in a lying corrupt moron & got let up a garden path - takes a lot to accept you have made a grave error of judgment.

There is an issue - in the first year in spite of him claiming to be Mr. Popular, he has the lowest approval ratings for any incumbent president in the first year.

Roll on the Russian investigation - he hasn't even divulged his business interests let alone accounts - again unlike anyone before him.

Perhaps he will do something of use before he finally gets what is due. He has committed criminal offences which he has bought his way out of jail and court and done this countless times. Fine for a dictator - not for an elected individual, or an example to the general population.

Shocking the differences between himself and Obama. Shame Obama had his hands deliberately tied by the Republicans the entire time. He still managed to improve the economy within a year by legislative changes, whereas Chump has claimed in the first year it's all him - except it's not, it's Obama's legacy - Trump hasn't changed anything!
Perhaps they should have a points based system ?

Given you need no qualifications to be a politician, I guess the answer is what do people want or expect from a politician?

First question - Demonstrate examples where you have shown your character in trying to help those less fortunate than yourself.

Trump - I fondled women against their will, I went bankrupt a few times (well not me personally, that's what shell corporations are for). Wiped my business debts & screwed all the businesses I owed money to. I knowingly employed illegal workers to build Trump towers and then didn't pay them - threatened them by suggesting reporting them to immigration. I opened up a "Trump' college with 25,000 entry fee to tell you my secrets. I got sued, as the information was generally available and truth be told it was a sham to get 25k out of the gullible.

Trump - I do believe in family values, anti- abortion, as I have the right to tell every woman what to do & i'm so compassionate if it were up to me i'd send 700-800,000 children / young adults back to foreign countries where they have no home and have only ever known the USA as their home. Not criminals.

I do also have around 2500 outstanding lawsuits against me, which is probably some kind of record - but I assure you 'they are all fake', every last one :D

Obama (just as a comparative) - Documented as a humanitarian. Suffice to say throughout growing up a lot of examples of charitable work. No drama, just someone that simply looked like they cared about people, from when they were growing up and in a continual pattern.

You probably don't need that many questions - just enough so you can see if someone really does care and want to help and hasn't just said a pack of lies to win an election.

Look at their history, judge them on what they have done, not what they promise to do. Put their past on judgement - not what may come, but what has been :D

2nd Question - How will you improve matters? Last week or so, 2 major shootings in different schools, barely reaches the headlines. I've lost count what we are up to now.

What are you going to do to stop Russian Roulette come to school and get shot today? Send your kids to school for an education, come home in a body bag.

Make America great again? Not until you change things like this, for starters.
theres nutters in every country,
theres more in USA because its a bigger country, with the right to bear arms law,thats there law , whats the problem .? uk, spain etc have there laws its you that choose were you want to live, .............with the exception of communist countries were you have no choice except to tow the party line,
What the RTN article highlights is the failures under the 8 years of Obama rule and indeed previous presidents.

Trump has inherited a mess with illegal immigration/ sanctuary cities/ lack of investment in infrastructure/ very poor foreign policy strategies that has left the USA exposed in many areas that are sorely needed for the well being of legal citizens and the country going forward.

He has started to reverse this trend and by the end of his term; his detractors will have to eat humble pie--however people can get entrenched in their negativism so you will have to take what the MSM says with a huge pinch of salt.
By old boy
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:03 am
And mrs May, who’s she kidding, Apple won’t be sourcing their components for the iPhone from a factory in the uk will they.

I appreciate it's just a throw away line, however Apple have been using British made and/or designed chips and processors for most if not all their phones and pads. They originate from ARM Holdings in Cambridge.

There may well be other components that are also sourced in the UK, although the phones, etc. are assembled mostly in China.

I know you cannot help yourself, but this is a TRUMP and not a labour/conservative post. Would is be possible for you to post up, on any subject, without it reverting back to labour vs conservative. Just when was it the last time you were in the UK/ voted? :wink:

Mrs. May post has been started, could be dangerous :lol:
Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air to world politics --he is the Messiah not just for Americans --but for the world at large

Thank God he is here to speak up for all fair minded people !!!
Bit shocked at that, but don't know why I get surprised by people's responses.

Well I guess he may be a fresh air in politics, by wow this man is the king of all fibbers. If nothing, his achievement will be THE MAN WHO TOLD THE MOST LIES IN THE WORLD. :wink:

SO you can trust Trump - it's clearly proven. LIAR & Master of the blame game..

Over 100 lawsuits PAID off = GUILTY pay to keep quiet.
Sued 3500 + times in his lifetime (inc outstanding loads).
Trump college, sued
He admits touching women, yet every woman he touched is a LIAR when they say it.
The British secret service dossier is a LIE
The FBI Lie
His own Nunes? guy edited prepared the Whitehouse MEMO, then sent to the press despite security warnings. Hmm distracting from a Russian investigation. Deflection.

The Department of Justice he claims LIE
Every newspaper reporter LIES
He has business in Russia, but does not declare what
He does not declare his accounts
He claims to help the poor, but just removed healthcare support for 14+ million and rising.

In charge of healthcare is the CEO of a pharmaceutical giant. Really - appointment by Trump. No conflict of interest there with crippling medicine prices.

So in conlusion, whoever says anything negative about Trump, is a LIAR. The simple fact that 65%+ of what comes out of his mouth has been fact-checked as tripe.

That's before we go on to his seeming negative view of anyone not white - shithole countries, but good enough for him to employ illegals when he wanted work done cheap.

This man is a celebrity snake oil salesman - who stands on the shoulders of others - his fathers money, Obabma's legislations which helped the economy, not the 1 tax reform (for the rich) which Trump did.

This guy needs locking up, he sums up everything that is wrong in society. I don't believe he cares at all, about anyone else than proving the he is the BEST, everything else is secondary - IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. Actually, its not.

Still enjoy it while it lasts as this ones going to go pop at some point.
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