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Pretty much all of the schools previous failings have risen from mismanagement (mostly financial)on the behalf of the previous owners. There are loads of old stories around of staff and bills not being paid etc and these were probably true.

However, Those days are gone. Investment in Staff, Equipment, the Buildings, etc are all taking place. All legal requirements are being sorted out. It is time for the school to look forward.

My children are receiving excellent tuition and are very happy there. My only concern for the school is that the previous bad publicity, that the school received will stall its progress and put prospective students off, when really it shoudn't.

As the previous poster said, the school is now very much an open book. Anyone who has any questions, just call them.
My understanding was that the parents of English children like the school because it is also a babysitting service before and after school hours, I do know one teacher who is still there and he can tell a few stories. My only interest was that my son was going to buy a house overlooking the back of the school and he had to let it go when it was discovered they were thinking of extending the playground.
I see nothing has changed re Marazul, I spent 18 months as the ICT teacher there, its a damn shame as the teachers really do care or they certainly did when I taught there, for me the last straw was after a burglary trying to teach ICT to students with no computers and no possibility of that being sorted out anytime soon, but regardless of the downside the teachers always always took their jobs seriously and were dedicated professionals, in all honesty though I do agree that for some parents it was just a glorified babysitting service for their uncontrollable children, hey ho its all in the past for me, glad I got out and and had a complete change of career from IT
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