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Anything Relating To Schools Within The Torrevieja Area.

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By Deb64
Are the kids just off on the 9th and the 12th October at IES Playa Flamenca, I keet asking the son to get a calendar from school but you know what they are like.
Many thanks
By spanbod
Sorry, I can't answer your question, but would like to use the opportunity to slightly thread drift.

My great-grandchildren attend schools in the UK, and if any of the family, or even the general public, want to know what the schools' calenders are, then they only have to look at the schools' websites. Both schools have proper sites, showing all the dates for the coming/present academic year, all the forthcoming activities, letters from Headteachers and photos of various events or achievements. They also include exam results, OFSTED reports and minutes from Governors' meetings.

It bemuses me when there seems to be requests from members on this site every term asking about when terms' start and holiday dates; are Spanish schools so far behind the technological curve?
By chica
Yes 9th October is the Valencian Holiday and 12th is a national holiday (Virgen del Pilar/Hispanidad). So two days off next week then the next is the 1st November and also the 2nd November for Torrevieja schools.
By spanbod
macanna wrote:All the schools in the area have a website, and 90% have the scholastic calender on them, so, no the schools are not far behind on the technological front. And the secondary school that mine go to send reports to me via e-mail.
Then that beg's the question, why do so many members keep asking about dates and times?
By Deb64
Spanbod, I will tell you why we keep on asking for info on this forum regarding schools in the Playa Flamenca area, it is because our chidren don't go to a school they go to learn in prefab containers which leak rain in the winter and are like a sauna in the summer, it has been like this for the last 8-9yrs.

The kids didn't know what date to return in September and were told to look on the notice board 2 days before returning,this was from the secretaries in the week of returning to school. I am just so glad that my son is in his last year of going to school in a death trap that is waiting to fall into the barranco if we have a heavy rain fall.
It must be nice for your children to go to a warm brick built school and to have the knowledge that they are safe whilst there.

Woodybird, thank you for putting the schools calander on and I shall keep a copy of it.
Rant over
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