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By Steve
I was interested to hear today that Kleeneze have finally confirmed that they are officially launching in Spain. They have been talking about it for many years and it seems that a launch is just a few weeks away. The more interesting thing ( I am not a Kleeneze distributor) is that they are launching right here in Torrevieja on 12 September. I was told that all marketing materials etc will be in both Spanish and English so some expats might like to become involved. There is a Spanish-language webinar tomorrow, Monday, to explain more.

I think we will be hearing a lot more about this over the next few days!
By Deb64
About 4yrs ago I used to have a guy come around with the magazine, I ordered a few things from it but then he stopped coming.
Maybe they are trying to re-launch it and capture the Spanish market if it is going to be in both languages.
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By TonyHoward
I must look out my old gabardine raincoat, so I could apply to be a local Rep. Looking for a job like that, or Betterware/Avon - any going? I'm sure I've got an old suitcase I could use as well :)
By Steve
I have to say that I was impressed with what they had to say and the way they pitched it. It was NOT the "Earn a Million USD" by the time you have put the phone down.

It was much more, "Would you like to earn an extra 400/500 per month part time....working hard but the hours to suit?"

I think it will attract a lot of Spanish families for whom an additional 500 euros would be an extra 50% of their income and also attract expats who have been hit by Brexit, the collapse of the pound etc.

When I left university, I worked door to door selling books and records. I earned £12,000 in 15 months
which, to put in context, compared with the first house I bought that year at £8000 - a terraced home in Rusholme, Manchester. It's a tough life and NOT for everybody. Manchester had rain, snow etc - Torrevieja has heat and more heat! Self-employed, not for everybody either but I think they could do well here!

Good luck to anybody who commits
By freddo
Till the tax man gets them for not declaring income most will not be registered as Autonomo which they should be as self employed
By Steve
Looks like Jane66 is on to her next deal/site after her pump and dump advert!
By smudges
I know someone who got involved with Kleeneze here in London. They charge for the brochures and apparently whilst a lot of people do leave them out you have to keep going back for the stragglers. You have to spend ages putting the brochures in plastic bags (with pick up slips that you have to pay to print off yourself....not a small amount of money when you look at the cost of print cartridges plus the paper of course).
Then once you have collected all the catalogues back you have to go through each one for the order forms. You never get all the catalogues back and therefore have to buy more. Don't forget that a big difference with Spain is that a lot of the properties you drop catalogues off with there aren't inhabited all year by the potential customers. A lot of places will be rented out or only used occasionally. How do you get your catalogues back then? Answer - you won't. So that's an awful lot of them up the swanee, which have to be replaced.
It's absolutely drudge work and that's here. Going around dropping off brochures, then going back round to collect and then again and again in the heat of Spain would be awful, from what I've been told. You have to get a minimum order together to place it with the company.
My friend chucked it in before she had to go and buy more catalogues. Yes, you can probably make money...eventually, once you've built up a customer base. Of course, once you have people working under you and you're taking a percentage of their orders, then you're on your way. It's a pyramid structure, like most sales arrangements.
So, just beware. It costs money, is extraordinarily tiring and time consuming and the rewards are pitiful. Plus the actual products are trash. You can get just as good at the Chino.
HTH somebody.
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