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By pete56
we wont win the Euros with Hodgson in charge
we needed to win and he put out a sunday pub side
henderson wouldnt even get in my pub side neither would most of the selection against Ukraine
Vardy ran his legs off but got poor/ no service
i agree with previous comment (Les A)attack rather than defend and at the inform players not hasbeens
Get your facts straight Celtic. Who was Andy Murray representing when
he won Olympic gold & when playing in the Davis Cup, certainly not
Scotland!! I'm afraid while we're in the United Kingdom we are all
British. :( :(
By telstar
Did the home internationals not get cancelled because of drunken Scottish louts in silly skirts and ginger wigs invading London every other year?
By celtic 67
well you were told and did you listen bet you were caught in all the hype about how you were going to win the euros having a laugh not good enough and as for your fans the French will be glad to see the back off you now , now for the world cup yes you are going to win that now :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: yes you will jump on the band wagon again press all the usual nonsense Iceland shopping this weekend I think as for andy murray he will try his best if he gets beat he be from Scotland if he wins he will be British strange that one as for Scotland we will win nothing we will live in the real world theres always the 66 world cup that should be back on again just like the hand of god :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well got to rise to the bait even though it's late & I've had 1 or 2.
Even though England were very bad on the night, they will always
win more than Scotland in most sports. We need to get a bit more
practice at Curling :? :? Looking forward to World Cup 2018 ( bloody
hell Scotland are still in) :wink: :wink: Also getting off the sport's
subject there's such a thing as punctuation. When you start a sentence
you should use a capital( this is one C). there is also a thing called a
comma ( this is one ,) an apostrophe ( this is one '). Obviously this is
not taught in Scottish school's if Celtic's diatribe is anything to go by.
This is my last post on this subject except that I will now be supporting
Wales for the rest of Euro 2016.
Goodnight & take care. Regards Lenny.
Forgot to say have some fond memories of Iceland having spent short
times in Reykjavik, Seydisfjord & Keflavik in the early 60's either for
medical reasons or getting arrested for fishing inside the limits during
the early cod wars. In fact there is a very small chance there may be
some of my DNA is this Icelandic team :oops: :oops: Regards Lenny.

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