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By Les A
England have a great chance with a young fresh team this time. I can see them going all the way. They have to play their own style and attack all the time as the forwards are definitely better than the defence. Better to win 4-3 than sit back and defend. I´m optimistic :D
By celtic 67
I think answer is no no no there is the usual hype from press media about how good a side they are the truth is that you will find out as the competition plays England will be out of the tournament sorry not good enough as for the fans well that's another sad story
Wonder why you had to wait until England only drew their first
game. At least they'll go further than Scotland :D Oh by the way
which group are Scotland in :? :? That's another sad story :lol:
By celtic 67
think I have touched a nerve there toys out the pram we know our limits we live in the real world but once again you think you are better than you are sorry but you will be home early one way or the other scum fans or getting beat you can always have a re run of 1966 not that its never mentioned ??????
By Peter Ward
Like Celtic supporters banging on and living in the past about Celtic winning the European Cup in 1967.
Some people even name themselves after the event
By celtic 67
first club to do it and every player stayed within a 20 mile radius will never happen again was in Seville when we lost to porto jose morinho was the manager there was80,ooo celtic fans in Seville not one arrest . see once again English fans fighting again , what I don't get is that its on the news as if its the acceptable now for English fans travelling any were wonder who will be blamed this time , nothing to do with drunks drugs scum fans that think waving a union jack and singing god save the queen gives you a right to gang wars every were they travel its old news same old same from English fans , I am not anti English any thing but got loads of English friends its so sad that every time they travel its trouble and its always someone else is fault
By Les A
It´s the best I´ve seen England play in a long time so they have every chance. I hope the other home nations do well too especially Wales. If only Gareth Bale could have found an English grandmother somewhere we´d be world beaters! :roll:
By celtic 67
tartan army are the best fans in the world every were they travel to in the world they are always happy enjoy themselves track record is second to none don't think English fans can say the same scum no one wants you in there country as I have said drink drugs union jack and god save the queen and think they can do what they like fighting rioting as for celtic I have been all over Europe and never once was there any trouble if you for once could be honest and hold your hands up and tell the truth about how bad English fans are all other home nation are having a great time no trouble football fans having a great time pity English fans cant do the same
By Peter Ward
English fans are really bad and riot all of the time.
Except that the Premiership Champions Leicester seemed to have a great time last season with no fighting.
I only watched one Scottish game,because Scottish football is so lame.
It was the Cup Final between Rangers and Hibs.
How did the fans behave that day?
By Les A
Sitting watching the football with my German pal the other night. He said, "Do you think you would do better if you had a Great Britain team". This got me thinking that it would probably only be made up of 10 English players and Gareth Bale, perhaps with Aaron Ramsey on the subs bench :)
You might have 1 Scottish sportsman in the team Andy Murray :D
Oops sorry wrong sport + he always roots for whoever England are
playing :shock: sounds familiar :?
Love a bit of banter. Goodnight.
Ps still on track thru 2 the next round :D

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