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Would suggest DO NOT get a firestick as often 'not as it seems'. They are fine if used for what Amazon intended (their own streaming service). Most are selling hacked ones, which are nothing but an Android stick running Kodi, which offers the most unreliable content and difficult to use software of all TV services & systems.

Link below explains in further detail re the Firestick. If you go halfway down the page (on the link, which explains all the services in Spain), you will see the section about use of the Amazon Firestick overseas or hacked version of.

MAG box better, as other poster mentions, the 349 suggested is good (we can also supply). Will require setting up, as not set up from factory. However, also needs to be attached to a good service - more than just about the box or hardware.

On the contrary Paul I think this is better and faster
This is handy ... dex=4&t=0s

How much data do u use with this
Data? too an open ended question to answer as a few variables. Resolution, time, encoding all factors.

Fair enough - but can't say I agree with you - as this ignores the facts about subscription-free IPTV services, is they are not monitored and as such often are overused and unstable.

If you had my job - previously when offering support for this Kodi nonsense for 4 years and the applications which fall over, you would share my views. Try dealing with an average of 50 people a day complaining that their TV is not working, because of some overshared stream which everyone is linking to, which you and your company have nothing to do with. Huge waste of time and resources for us and also watching clients getting frustrated, so would I recommend, no. Based on hundreds, probably thousands of communications over 4-5 years since IPTV really started to hit the mainstream for most.

Usually, you find these things may work for a time but will trip up. I'm sure I saw another thread on this forum earlier today with someone with a Kodi app problem that Freddo answered - i'll happily leave it to him :D

What really upsets people (what would I know 5000 customers internationally and an 11-year-old telecommunications company :wink: ) is when they really, really want to watch something, that unfortunately is on a free IPTV service, quite often the servers get overloaded - so you can be in a situation of trying to watch a game 10,000 max server capacity, 100,000 Kodi users trying to jump on - problems, no TV. I have yet to see this not happen at some point. People recommend as is cheap, but cheap is cheap for a reason. Y

I would also state 99% of people I have dealt with who has used Kodi/Hacked Amazon stick with apps and then used/switched to a good hosted type service has commented on how different & better things are. Not only services but integration and usage.

What does happen, is that people will try the cheapest option (human nature), realise the weaknesses after a while and move on. Not just with TV, with everything :D

By km
My self I use a vu-zero box reason being that was one type of box to use when CS was about if I didn't have this box I would use a firestick the iptv flawless sever I've use for the last four & half years
As friends of mine use a firestick with this sever
as said you get what you pay for and I'm very happy with £100 a year
You so d a bit like myself...not well versed in TV technology.
Over the years, my husband and I literally wasted money paying €24 for tv.
We finally had a dish installed and do not pay any monthly subscription for our tv.
Best advice I could possibly give you, go to Paul, TV technology. English chap, very knowledgeable and let him sort your television problem permanently.
Speak to him and find out what the costs will be, then make a decision based on your findings. Do you have good WiFi? Do you have a SMART T or an ordinary one? Know what you want and do your homework. Get your system sorted and don’t be tempted to buy a gadget that may not provide you with your requirements.
Good luck.

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