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Can those with wifi internet from DVBlab or TV Horadada/Avtel tell me if they have their own dedicated antenna/aerial on their property or if their signal is bounced from a nearby common aerial. If I need a dedicated antenna on the roof then it will take forever to get wifi internet as I will have to go through all the permissions from the community. I thought it was only a matter of a sim card in a modem but I think I am mistaken.

Thanks strolling_minstrel. I will have to see what it looks like and where I might site it . Our apartment is on the second floor and there are 2 floors above me and a roof terrace belonging to the top floor apartment. I would still have to get permission from them to access the ventilation stack. Is there a physical wire from the dish to the wifi modem? There shouldn't be but you never know.

Yes, they put it down the existing ducting and you can't see it until it pops out of your wall next to the phone socket.
Just looked at mine and you have to look really, really closely to even see any part of the aerial.
Our next door neighbour is also with DVBLab and his little saucer is on the first floor balcony so I should imagine it would depend on what line of sight you have.
DVBLab also does fibre now in some areas so you may not need your own aerial as it would come through the same ducting as your telephone/Spanish TV.
Last question. Are you happy with the speed of the system you have strolling_minstrel? Your practical information is invaluable and many thanks. I will have to go in to their offices on Ave Valenciana and talk to them.

Bee there is no need for you to place the small dish anywhere as they will do what is required as it will have to be lined up to their transmitter
You mention WiFi internet with a SIM card that is not the same thing that system is just the same as on your smartphone but using a SIM card equipped router I have 2 for sale
All you do with this system is buy a DATA SIM from a network supplier like Vodafone put it in the sim slot in the router and you are on
Yes freddo I know they will fit the little receiver thingy but that's the problem when you live on a community. As you know you just can't place it anywhere. The wifi modem and sim card is definitely the easiest system and my preferred choice but unlike here at home where I can get an all you can eat sim card from 3 for €20 a month with speeds of 1GB I can't seem to find a similar offer in Spain. There is an offer from that looks to be 25GB of data for €20 for 15 days which would be just great. Let me know what you have in the wifi modems please. ... traveller/
I also have a little Huawei CA-27 E5330 and an Orang SIM card from last year. Problem was I could only buy 2GB of data which lasted about a day.
Bee I have never heard of 1gb download speed from a network using Sim card router

I used Vodafone for 3 years before I moved to where I am now but can not get any signal from any provider now so have to use Line of sight with Telfy I get 50 Mbps download speed constant but no mobile signal
I have a Huawei LTE CPE 8310 150mbps SIM card router just needs a sim putting in and you are good to go Vodafone have the offer here in shop in Almoradi or Torrevieja but a little bit more than what you say and if you top up the data is accumulated which was not the case before , if you want to try the router just let me know, I also have a few small portable routers for sim cards and a lot of dongles that just need a sim and plug into a laptop or tablet and you are on the net no problem
Hi Bee,
Our internet is with that company. The young man who came to connect us had problems and then I suggested that he use our telphone line. After a lot of tugging and pulling, he removed the telephone cable and then proceeded to put the WiFi cable down the channel. Job was done and the WiFi is superb. ( supplier Horadada/Avtel)
There was another fellow who came out planning to use an aerial but could not get a decent signal due to a large building blocking the signal. Hence the reason we did it through cable.
I should add that we always use our mobile ‘phones and did not want a landline so had no problem using it for our WiFi.
Hope this helps.
Thanks Rosemary. We don't have a telephone line only the door intercom. I will ask my neighbour if the community has an Antenna for mobile signal as there was talk about it at one meeting. I have decided to go with the Vodafone SIM and wifi router for now which just relies on the Vodafone signal. They have an offer of 25GB which should be enough and freddo has a router. I know I will need my passport to buy the SIM and I have an open mobile phone to top up the SIM. Time will tell how it goes. I will report back.

The community can take a hike.

You can have an antenna on your own property, if it is not blocking community access, on communal walls or 'airspace' they have no jurisdiction on a small antenna on your property. They might try to, but legally they would struggle to win that argument.

Many are not aware, that some community rules are 'crossing the line' in terms of legality - just that people either don't think to check or simply don't want to go down that path.

It's a bit like an argument that surfaced years ago about satellite dishes - you need permission from the town hall, the community etc - no you don't. EU law states you have the right to access TV/telecommunications in your own language, within any EU member state - which overrides, some BS rule that 'someone randomly made up', without actually referring to the law. As I stated before, most simply don't check.

25GB mobile data per month, if doing a little general email & web browsing is enough - start watching video or TV and it's not.
Thanks Paul. I will quote you on that😀 when I asked both DVBlab and Horadada there was another obstacle in that they both said they would need a week from when I signed up to when they could install it. Time isn't on my side. As I said before if I could just get a PAYGo SIM with all you can eat data in Spain like we have from Three in both UK and Ireland that would solve everything for me. But alas it doesn't seem to be available which is a bit strange.

you can top up the Vodafone sim and data is rolled up I think I used to top mine up for 20 euro for extra 50 gb when I was using Vodafone I would still be using them but there is no mobile signal at all where I live from any of the big 4 networks I have to use a line of sight dish from Telfy

I may be wrong but I think you can use the 3 service here in Spain looks like it when you read the info on the website

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