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By gardner8
Has anyone here ( or a close friend/relative ) had serious panic attacks / anxiety issues and is able to recommend a psychiatrist/psychologist in the Torre/OC area (further if needs be).
All info gratefully received.
By Karen Jones
I studied this at college a number of years ago for nearly four years and was no where near being qualified so please ask to see certificates. It takes years of studying and lots of money.
By Beardyboy
Good morning,
My daughter has suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for many years and has spent a fortune seeing all types of therapists including hypnotists, councillors, reflexologists and endless therapies. That all said, she has several apps on her iPhone that she finds invaluable, they help with her breathing and meditation and really help enormously.
All of the people she has been to see are trained to get to the root of the problem by asking every question about your life and family. In her case, nothing happened at any point and it is genetic. My mother in law also suffered with this ( mostly in silence as mental illness was frowned upon);my husband also has issues . If this information is of any help to you, I could ask her for recommendations of apps and pass the info. on to you.
I hope you or your family member get the help and understanding they need . I find that talking the worries through seem to help in some way so I am always at the end of a telephone should she need to speak with me.
By gardner8
Beardyboy, thank you very much for replying. She was rushed into hospital yesterday and the clinic doctor (who called the ambulance) now thinks it may have been lack of oxygen causing the problem, We are now waiting results of blood tests etc. Whatever the outcome I am deeply grateful to you and may yet contact you at a future time.

By Beardyboy
I have only just read your reply and I am extremely sorry to hear your news.
Anxiety/ panic attacks can be exacerbated by other influences eg low blood pressure, pregnancy and numerous other reasons....all of which are pretty frightening to say the least. Don’t despair, being supportive is half the battle. Fear of having a panic attack is another cause. People are advised to breath into a brown paper bag until calmness returns. Suffering from these attacks can often come on if exhausted so make sure the patient doesn’t become over tired. It is not advisable for people to suggest that they “ pull themselves together “ as this will only make things worse.
Please let me know how things work out. All the very best to you .
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