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Whatever happened to all those yellow Correos post boxes that used to be all over Torrevieja ? These seemed to be all over the town one time but last week when my wife went looking for one to post a traditional picture postcard to an elderly relative back in the UK she could find none in the town. She queued at the main Correos post office in Caballero de Rodas to buy a simple postage stamp but it seemed that there were no post boxes to post the card in the post office and she would have had to join another long queue to hand in the stamped postcard for posting so she gave up! Is this some security thing or is it new policy to discourage old fashioned picture postcard sending from seaside towns? Surely not.
A couple of things don`t ring true here.

Far a start .. There were never ever yellow post boxes all over Torrevieja ..... Not in my living here for over 20 years. They were always few and far between and I knew where everyone was .. more or less. !!

When you take a letter or a postcard into ANY post office you just give them the postcard or letter, tell them how you want it sent, then pay them. They take the item and that`s that.
That`s why there are no postboxes inside any of the post offices ..... I`ve done it a thousand times , even in the main post office.

For future reference you can buy stamps (Sellos ) at any tobacconist / Estancos)

And how was she going to post the postcard in the first place without a stamp on it ?

Pass the salt please. !!
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Correction.... I have just been informed by my wife that you can no longer buy stamps at a tobacconist and have not been able to for some time, so when she`s in a post office posting letters she stocks up on stamps. x
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We ask again respond to us mr Gary.

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