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By Info
Fred have you managed to get to your property and what state is it in? You are always the first one to offer advice and suggestions when we need it and if there is anything any of us on the forum can do I am sure everyone would be only too glad to help out.

By cameron
Last I heard he has got help, haven’t seen anything from him since, also someone else offering help this morning. x
By freddo
Yes a kind person came up with some waders so I am able to get in and out of the property Thanks for asking after me all I need now is a solution as to how to get rid of the green algae when the water goes
By Info
Is the water disappearing Fred? I expect the only way to rid the algae is lashings of hot water, scrubbing brushes/power hosing and bleach.

By faolteam
Have to Agree Fred helps out a lot of people here,
Im not in Spain now but would have gladly helped
Hope you can get it sorted soon
By freddo
Info wrote:
Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:10 pm
Is the water disappearing Fred? I expect the only way to rid the algae is lashings of hot water, scrubbing brushes/power hosing and bleach.

A wee bit hard on 18000 sqm though :) :)
By Beardyboy
Hola Fred,
May I add my sincere good wishes to you and also say how sorry I am to read that your home has been attacked by the ghastly floods and weather conditions. It must have been a living hell for you.i can’t imagine what it must be like to see your lovely home being destroyed in front of your very eyes and nothing you could do to prevent the devastation. I imagine a sensible gentleman like yourself would have had your place well insured so at least that is a consolation. A lot of work awaits you.
Cleaning the house....could you employ a firm of deep cleaners? Perhaps steam cleaning would remove the filth and germs. I would be sorely tempted to power hose the whole place and place dehumidifiers to help with the drying process. After that, a team of decorators.

The only frightening thing is the thought of this happening again. I remember speaking with a man whose house was flooded here in Northern Ireland. As I recall, he went to enormous lengths to prevent the damage occurring inside again, he installed a system which stopped any water coming up through the drains and into his house. ( the river nearby broke it’s banks and flooded the area around his place). I hope you can do something similar.

Once again, sincere best wishes to you and all those other unfortunate people who were so badly affected.
By freddo
Thank you for those kind words we are getting on with the job of clearing up as the water has gone down to safe level now
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