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By ic
Jimbo1916 wrote:
Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:55 am
Yes it`s not much to join I must admit.
Agreed. I don't think I'm allowed to mention the website here, but if anyone wants to message me, I can put it there for you.
By Beardyboy
I joined that forum too and paid my fee.
As I recall, I replied to a post and recommended several restaurants.
Over. The end. Finished. Simple as that with absolutely No explanation.

This is my first forum, joined it many years ago and still enjoy logging into it.
I am very sorry indeed that it is to end. May I ask when this will be?
Could it not be taken over by somebody else?
Sad for those of us who feel part of it.
I always refuse to give in...come on everyone, let’s fight to keep our forum going.
Keep it going Fred...please.
By Jimbo1916
The fact is that the owner and webmaster of this forum are ignoring all emails and PM`s .. even from the Moderator, Freddo. ... and nothing can be done without a reply from either of them.

Personally I think it`s pretty poor show from them both and they really don`t deserve the loyalty of the members who have supported this forum for many, many years through good times and bad ...

And that includes myself.
By Info
I joined the said forum this week and paid my €5 to see what it was like. I saw your post Rosemary re the Restaurants and I thought to myself that you had put a lot of time into your response with all the restaurants you mentioned. Very strange reaction from the said forum to kick you off. Of course you are a known "troublemaker" :D :D I will let the subscription run for this year - that is of course if I don't manage to flout the rules and get kicked off if I answer any queries.

By ic
Beardyboy wrote:
Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:08 am
Over. The end. Finished. Simple as that with absolutely No explanation.
Yep, forums always have to get rid of some people, this forum included. The other forum has been going for almost 10 years, has over 3,000 members and over 50,000 conversation threads, so something must be going right. as this forum is finishing, might as well post the link: Not Allowed sorry
By freddo
Well I did manage to get a reply from the Webmaster and he has been in the UK where he has been in hospital with a near-fatal condition however he is now out but due to his condition he has to come back by ferry and train so it will be a while before he can address the members concerns
I will keep you all informed
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By Andy F
Info wrote:
Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:57 pm
Very strange reaction from the said forum to kick you off.
Not that strange really, exactly the same thing happened to me. I joined said forum under the worst possible circumstances, my father had just died and I'd inherited a house, a car and a bucket load of headaches in Torre. I asked a couple of genuine questions for advice (none was forthcoming) and once I replied to a request for a recommendation and was booted for 'advertising' a service that wasn't on their approved list.

Clique is a good word and quite appropriate in that case. Not for me I'm afraid.

Oddly enough, I asked exactly the same questions here and guess what? I'm still here with most of my problems solved thanks to some sound advice from some friendly people.

I'd like to say I'm going nowhere but events dictate that that won't be the case but if someone wants to carry this forum on, albeit under a different name then I honestly don't see the issue.
By ic
All I can say, is that we're never going to hear both sides on here, and I've been more than happy on that other forum, it's been going for almost 10 years with over 3,000 members, over 50,000 posts, so something must be right somewhere.
By Adey
Info wrote:
Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:24 pm
If this Forum is ending and we are all going to be forumless where else is there to get help besides the Quesada forum?

I will probably stick with the Quesada forum, I think many years ago I was thrown off the other site so can't see me going back there, besides if I had to pay someone I've never met, I would want a Factura with a CIF number on it regardless of the value, somehow I don't think they would want to do that.
By fred1011
I got kicked off there 4 times. I had forgotten to cancel the direct debit and when it went through I asked if they could refund it as I didn't want it. They kicked me out immediately but never refunded said payment..........
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