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By yvonne1975
HI can someone tell me what schools are like on Torrevieja? i have 2 british kids 6 and 8 yr old that will be going soon but im very worried (like any parent) on how they will fit in. Do they just speak spanish and they are meant to learn or do they get any other help???? any info would be very much appreciated, thanks :)
By Deb64
If you look throught the school section it is asked quite often only last week Jalfy asked the same qustion here are the replies to it.


My boys came when they were 6yrs & 9yrs and the best help that you can give them is getting them enrolled into Spanish lessons outside of school. The school will sit them next to an English/Spanish speaker in class and they will have basic Spanish lessons at school but all their lessons are tought in Spanish and the teachers will only speak in Spanish to them. The sooner they learn the language the easier it is for them.
By Montesinos
For me, the biggest mistake parents make is to come over to live in spain with kids that are around 12/13 years or upwards. These kids have little or no chance of getting a good education here in Spain if they go to a normal state school unless they already speak a very high level of spanish.
If the kids are younger, as Deb64 says, get them up to scratch privately and VERY FAST before they go on to the Instituto (secondery) education.
An alternative is if you are only going to be here for a short time and return to the UK. If this is the case, perhaps you should look at one of the private Bi lingual education schools in the area.
OUr little one was only 4 when we came out. In the Uk, she went to the Spanish nursery schhol in Portobello Road London. WE put her into a private school whicvh academicaly was very good, but her spanish did not improve as most lessons etc were in english. Also all or most of the kids at the time were english or irish, so not a lot of spanish was spoken. Within a month or moving her to the local state school, her spanish improved 100%.
Hope this helps
By Menina
Do not worry too much, your children, as it has been said by others, will quickly absorb the new language. In any case, to make the transition easier, try to get them used, as quick as possible to the sounds of Spanish. Use language courses for kids, films, games, a private teacher or lessons, any language aid you can find. On the other hand, you will have to work hard to maintain their English skills and improve them. The kids are still at a learning stage and, unless they attend proper bilingual schools, Spanish will become their mother tongue as they use it for learning, and English will take second place. Although they would speak English at home, the domestic vocabulary is limited and they would need proper language tuition. We are not "born" speaking any particular language. We acquire it and the learning process continues throughout your life.
Good luck with the move!
By dizzyspells
Just want to add our experience, my Daughter was 8 when we moved over she had been having spanish lessons for a long time before we moved which continued once we were over in Spain. However she struggled to get to grips with school,language etc etc. I am not going into details but we ended up taking her back to the UK as she was really unhappy. We prepared her,gave her the language basics for a few years before we moved but her education is the most important thing and we just couldn't let her carry on as she was. We were all upset to leave but she has to come first and she is now doing fantastically well. Not a negative but just wanted to tell our experience,we love Spain.x

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